Building a kitchen to entertain

12 Dec

For many homeowners, the essence of a true contemporary kitchen is in bringing family and friends together to enjoy amazing food and company. And while modern or classic designs enjoy refined excellence, it can be incredibly easy - and cost-effective - to produce a kitchen layout that affords the space to chat, cook, and serve up the perfect evening. 

So here are some top tips on what you can bring to your kitchen to make it the perfect space to entertain. 

Settle on your lighting

Even the smallest of spaces can be made bigger by considering your lighting decisions. Taking the time to have a discussion with your planner about the path of the sun throughout the day will enable you to make the most of your window space. In addition, choosing an open-plan, bright kitchen design can help you maximise your exposure and make the most of any views you enjoy, wowing guests who come round for dinner parties, or helping your kitchen be more inviting for larger gatherings. 

Even the darkness of winter months can be beaten by choosing to embed sunken lights above your workspaces, or in key locations throughout the room – letting you manage your ambience to match the mood of the evening. 

Think about your seating arrangements

We believe that the kitchen is not only a place that meals are prepared but where people live. This means that all guests should be able to easily interact without excluding anyone due to the layout of the room and/or a lack of places to sit. Problems like this can be easily solved by adding a solo island unit with raised seating, allowing you to double-up on having a prep space and a social area to chat. Or by simply bringing in a comfy, classy sofa, so all guests can enjoy the conversation before dinner is served. 

If you want to learn more about our latest complete range of contemporary kitchens, or need more advice on how to transform your kitchen into the perfect entertaining space, get in touch with the team at BPM Kitchens today.