5 kitchen design tips that never go out of style

12 Dec

Form, function and style. They're the hallmarks of a stylish kitchen design that will stand the test of time to become the true heart of the home. Here are five design tips for creating a stylish and functional kitchen that won't need redoing in a few years time.

1. Go open plan

The open plan kitchen diner is still the aspiration for most of us when we think of the ideal kitchen. You may need to remove a wall or think carefully about how to configure the available space, but most kitchens can accommodate an eating area or island unit with breakfast bar. Open plan kitchens invite a sense of flow and engagement with their timeless, yet contemporary good looks.

2. Keep it neutral

Neutral never has to be boring, with soft, pale colours giving a timeless elegance to your kitchen. Opt for grey, or grey-tinged blues and greens, for a kitchen palette that will stand the test of time but that really adds another dimension to the space.

3. Opt for marble

A marble worktop isn't just a design classic, it's a supremely practical material for the kitchen. Though it is susceptible to staining if not correctly sealed, it's the perfect surface for preparing breads and pastries, thanks to the way it stays naturally cool to the touch. If you can't afford to use marble for every surface, install a dedicated baking area to make the most of its beauty and functionality.

4. Stay sleek

Opt for handleless drawers and cabinets for the ultimate minimalist look that will stand the test of time. These kinds of details cut the visual clutter for a kitchen that is easy to maintain and has a really effortless style. And, if you change your mind in the future, you can always alter the look by opting for handles.

5. Combine form and functionality

Space saving corner drawers, floor to ceiling larder cupboards and huge under hob pan drawers all bring both smart design and functionality to the kitchen. This kind of timeless design never goes out of style, whatever the cabinets and worktop you choose. 

If you're updating your kitchen and want a flexible and timeless design, then contact the team and let BPM Kitchens help you create a classic.