3 things to consider when creating the perfect family kitchen

12 Nov

Whatever space you're working with for your kitchen, you want to see it as the room you can gather everyone to. It needs to be practical enough to service everyone eating breakfast each morning, but also inviting and social enough to host a full family meal - possibly with friends, too! 

You can cleverly maximise the space you have with innovative storage solutions and find places for people to sit on large tables or compact breakfast bars, depending on the space available. For our top tips on creating the perfect kitchen for the whole family, read on below. 

1. Worktops

If your kitchen is catering to the full family, you want to accommodate the spillages, wear and tear that will undoubtedly happen. Opt for surfaces that are easy to clean and don't damage easily, such as granite or other composite stones. Whilst marks on wood can be sanded down and repaired, wood doesn't take well to spillages, which often leave stains. 

2. Flooring

Consider the usage your kitchen will have when it comes to choosing your floor. High quality vinyls are a great option if you think the floor will need to withstand a lot of usage - especially so if you have pets, as it's highly durable and easy to clean. Many of the best vinyls provide fantastic imitations of wood or stone, so you can achieve the look you want without the cost of the natural material. 

3. Space

When it comes to designing a perfect family kitchen, maximising space is key. If you choose to go for a breakfast bar or central island, you can use it as both as worktop and a storage area - think deep large drawers for pans and shelving underneath for cookery books and trays. It can give the kitchen a more welcoming appearance to have some of the items you use in the kitchen visible, making both family members and guests feel more relaxed in your kitchen.

If you're looking for support with designing the perfect kitchen for your whole family, contact BPM Kitchens today. Our extensive range of Italian kitchens and our experience in kitchen design mean you'll be working with an expert to bring your dream kitchen to life.