Top tips to creating a cosy kitchen for winter

12 Nov

The summer has gone and left us and the colder days and nights are creeping upon us. This means it's time to update your kitchen design to create a cosy feel that brings you joy and comfort. Below are tips to create a cosy kitchen design for the winter season. 

1. Choose the perfect lighting

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a room, so when it comes to your kitchen, you'll want to choose lighting that creates a comforting room. Think of the most comfortable room in your home, it's usually your bedroom or living area. The lighting here is therefore perfect for inside your kitchen. Think beautiful chandeliers or low lighting around the cabinets and cupboards to create an intimate feel. 

2. Paint your kitchen cabinets

Painting your cabinets is a simple yet effective way of updating your kitchen design to suit the cosy winter theme. You should opt for darker colours such as dark blues or greys as when these are combined with beautiful lighting, it creates a wonderful atmosphere. The darker colours also fit the theme of winter and would go perfectly with draping fairy lights around the cabinets. 

3. Lay down a rug

People often think a rug is too much hassle for your kitchen, but it doesn't need to be. Find a cosy vintage-style rug that will keep your feet warm but is still easy to clean and maintain. This is particularly useful if you have tiled flooring in your kitchen. Those winter mornings can really freeze your feet! 

4. Add wooden elements

Wood is the queen of cosy. There's nothing quite as homely as wooden features in a kitchen. Think wooden worktops, wooden dining tables or even wooden shelving. This will help create a rustic, traditional and cosy atmosphere in your kitchen and will encourage the family to spend some time there in the colder months. 

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