How to brighten up a dark kitchen

12 Nov

If you have a kitchen that tends to be dark and has little natural light, you may be wondering how to brighten it up and create a more welcoming ambience. Here are a few kitchen design ideas that could help.

Open up the space

If your budget and the construction of the room allows, you may want to think about removing an outside wall and replacing it with bi-folding doors. This will allow plenty of light to flood into the room and can also extend the space out onto a patio or decking area to create a free-flowing entertainment area that you can use during the summer months.


Layered lighting is a great way to brighten a kitchen. Use a combination of background lighting and spotlights on your cooking and food prep areas, and add a touch of luxury with pendant lights or chandeliers to illuminate a dining area or island.


A very effective way of maximising the natural light in a room is to use light-coloured tiles and fittings. Shiny surfaces reflect light and can make a room seem much brighter. If you feel that white or pale colours are too clinical, try coloured glass splashbacks. They will reflect light, but they can also be used to accentuate highlights of colour in your countertop accessories.


Mirrors and mirrored splashbacks are a perfect way of bouncing light around, creating depth and contrast. They are also very easy to maintain and clean, simply wipe away food splats with a damp cloth and warm water. If you don’t fancy mirrors or glass, why not consider a stainless or brushed steel splashback? This will reflect light without the harshness that too much glass can create.


When selecting ornaments and accessories for your kitchen, choose glass crackle-glazed or mosaic items. Not only do these add interest, they also help to reflect light. 

If you want to lighten up your dark kitchen, you may want to consider the above kitchen design ideas. For more information and inspiration, why not contact the helpful team at BPM Kitchens?