4 tips for creating a contemporary-style kitchen

06 Oct

The contemporary kitchen design is a style celebrated by many due to its modern organic shapes, clean lines, bright light, muted colours and natural materials. How do we create this look ourselves? Here are some top tips on achieving that perfect contemporary style kitchen design. 

1. Simple white spaces

To achieve a real contemporary style kitchen, you should opt for general decor combined with all white units. This is because using a much lighter colour scheme will allow a larger amount of light to enter the kitchen and this will reflect off the walls which will, in turn, create an illusion of a much larger space, which is useful for smaller kitchens too. It will also create a modern feel.

2. Feature lights

Hanging lights are a growing trend in all aspects of kitchen design, and many people opt for these over spotlights or standard lights. For that contemporary look, opt for low-hanging white lights which will help give your kitchen character. You will also find that they are much brighter and thus bring more atmosphere to the room. 

3. Wooden flooring

Wooden floors look fabulous in all varieties of kitchen design. Not only are they much more practical, but they're a key component in any contemporary style kitchen. A bonus of wooden floors is that they're also fairly easy to maintain whilst still creating that "home" feel. 

4. Bright furniture 

No true contemporary kitchen design would be complete without adding pops of colour to your all-white themed kitchen. Add colour pops via brightly coloured pieces of furniture such as your fridge, kettle, microwaves or even houseplants or coffee machines. Choose your favourite colour and work with that. This way you've also got elements of your personality within the design too. You could even go one step further and design your own bespoke furniture with some contemporary inspired fabric. Think of contemporary style designs such as the yellow and vibrant pink Baltic stripe.

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