Get that timeless look for your kitchen

06 Oct

The kitchen is key to transforming a house into a home.

Every homeowner who appreciates the importance of this room will understand how essential it is to have a kitchen that is functional, cosy, speaks to your tastes, impresses your guests and never goes out of style. 

The classic kitchen design is a fantastic choice that fulfils all these things, but what is that ensures your kitchen remains timeless?

The colour white and other neutrals 

While trends come and go, some models last a lifetime. The white kitchen, for example, has endured thanks to its purity and simplicity. Choosing white as the dominant colour makes the room brighter and gives the illusion of more space. It also allows you to spot dirt more easily, while kitchen fittings in white are easy to find.

Going white doesn't have to mean that the shade dominates, though - incorporating neutrals like earth browns and light greys breaks the monotony. You may also go for colours like unsaturated and subdued shades of blue and green for a bit of edge.

Vintage fittings and furnishings

On the matter of accessories, you can never go wrong with shaker cabinets. They have an elegant, streamlined look that is classical and gorgeous. Farmhouse sinks are also extremely popular nowadays. Incorporating one will bring the past to life in your kitchen.

Counter and flooring

For your counter, depending on your taste, practicality and budget, you can choose marble or granite. On flooring, hardwood is a beautiful, practical, traditional option. It is durable, flows seamlessly into other rooms and is an environmentally friendly option. Other options include bead-board details and finishing, glass door cabins, brass cup pulls or wooden knobs. You might also consider investing in some retro appliances, cutlery and aesthetic pieces, such as lamps and curtains. 

Some of the greatest memories in a home come from the kitchen. All these things are worth doing in a space with a certain ambience and aesthetic that is in itself memorable. 

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