3 signs it's time to remodel your kitchen

06 Oct

The question of ‘When should I remodel my kitchen?’ can be a difficult one. The perfect time for one person may be completely wrong for another. Some prefer to split any renovation tasks up into manageable bites and remodel gradually over a period of time. Others, however, prefer to save up then get it all done at once. Ultimately, it's time to remodel your kitchen if it has become a place you no longer enjoy, so keep on the watch for these signs that say a kitchen remodel is due, and soon! 

Dull, faded cabinets

You usually find that countertops and kitchen cabinets are, in many ways, one of the most visually important aspects of your space. If they start to fade and lose their colour, then your kitchen will suffer and it won’t feel like a great area to spend time anymore. For bright, beautiful kitchen designs in Battersea, head down to the BPM showroom and check out the latest deals.

Old and tired appliances

This is clearly one of the most obvious indications that your kitchen design needs a makeover. If your appliances are developing faults and are becoming more unpredictable, then you should think about finding high-quality replacements. Not only does it not look great, but having tired appliances can be a health hazard.

A reluctance to show it off

If previously you were the perfect hostess when you first moved into your home, but you're no longer hosting as much as before, then that's a sign a change needs to happen. You probably felt very proud and couldn’t wait to show your kitchen off to family and friends. You should always feel happy about your space in which you eat, cook and hang out. You deserve a kitchen that will have your visitors jealous: think stylish work surfaces, ergonomic designs and modern appliances. 

To ensure that you get a kitchen design that is stylish, modern and importantly, long lasting, make sure that you only buy from reputable vendors. BPM Kitchens are dedicated to helping you design the perfect kitchen and for some inspiration, you should check out our showroom in Battersea, South West London. Get in touch for more information.