Kitchen space savers – accessories and appliances for small kitchens

06 Oct

Not all of us are able to have a big kitchen and that's okay. You can gain a surprising amount of space by using the right accessories and gadgets. There really is something satisfying about getting the most out of small kitchen space, so here is some inspiration to get you space saving smartly!

1. Cook on a domino hob

These hobs are perfect for island units where you can't include a full-size hob because it's simply not practical. You have options; choose from two smaller gas burners or a large gas wok burner, a double electric ceramic hob or even a flexible electric induction zone where you can use a couple of pans at a time. There is a solution to suit all your needs and if you've got the room, you can always add in other space saving options such as deep fat fryers, steamers etc. 

2. Avoid wires with a smart charging pad

It's quite common to overload our kitchen plugs, how often have you tried to use the toaster only to find the plug has been replaced with a phone charger or tablet. A brilliant way to save space and encourage convenience is to install a charging pad. They're affordable options and you can even integrate wireless charging into composite worktops. 

3. Fit storage on the inside of the doors

To achieve perfect planning for a small kitchen you need to utilise every last space and surface, and one brilliant way to do this is to attach storage for jars and bottles to the back of the kitchen door or the inside of your cupboard doors.

4. Turn your sink into a workstation

Whether or not you use a dishwasher, you’ll always need a sink for straining, soaking and rinsing. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice any work space. Try buying a modular sink that has the bonus of added accessories and you've suddenly got a worktop area that becomes one of the most useful areas in the kitchen!

For more tips and tricks or inspiration on design tricks for a small kitchen, get in touch with BPM Kitchens today!