How to create a Tuscan kitchen design

19 Jul

Many people wish to create an Italian inspired kitchen, and the perfect region to take inspiration from is Tuscany. It's famed for its exquisite beauty, delicious wine, Italian cuisine and distinctive architecture. Its architecture is based on a rustic mix of natural, sunny hues and textures - these can all be reflected in a Tuscan kitchen design. If you're embarking on a kitchen remodel, then a Tuscan kitchen may just be the right style for your home. Here are some top tips on creating a rustic Tuscan kitchen design:

1. Tuscan colours 

Include trademark colours of the region, such as ocher, burnt orange, yellows and terracotta. These colours reflect the rich soil, sunshine and green hills of beautiful Tuscany. They ooze the luxurious attitude of Tuscany and will bring your kitchen design to life. 

2. Matte or distressed surfaces 

A Tuscan kitchen design also features surfaces that are either matte or distressed. This is to suggest a well-loved and well-used vibe. Particular attention should be placed on cooking elements too, as with all Italian kitchen designs, they are often lovingly displayed around the room. 

3. Choose a backsplash 

Opt for a backsplash to incorporate lively design within your Tuscan kitchen design. Try mosaic and terracotta tiles and select a matte finish rather than a glossy one. 

4. Consider terra cotta flooring 

When it comes to flooring, a traditional Tuscan kitchen design is often made from terra cotta tile, marble or even ceramic tile. Popular shades are sandy, natural tones. 

5. Natural light 

Natural light plays a big role in your kitchen design. Light may be brought in via semi-translucent curtains or you could even opt for no curtains at all. If you do select window coverings then choose those that are light, airy and bright. 

6. The final touches 

You could incorporate exposed wood beams when it comes to your ceiling, and counter tops should be in a matte stone rather than a glossy granite - this keeps to the "lived-in" feel. When choosing cabinets, ensure they are made from high-quality, natural wood or stained and painted in light colours to continue the bright, light, and overall natural look and feel.

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