What you need to remember when designing a kitchen

04 Jul

Designing a new kitchen should be a really exciting, rewarding process that leaves you with a room that can cater exactly to the design and functionality you want. Before working with a designer to bring your ideal kitchen to life, it's important you take the time to consider some key things so that you know the end result will turn out exactly as you hoped. Below we've listed out our top tips for things you need to remember when designing a kitchen. 

Set a budget 

Decide on what you can realistically spend on your new kitchen. Drawing up a wish list and separating out essential and non-essential wants is a great place to start, so you can figure out a maximum budget you're happy to spend. Remember that kitchens are an investment as it will be used every day, so don't cut corners to save money as you'll end up paying more for issues in the long run. 

Think about how you use the room

Is your kitchen used for convenience to grab breakfast as you're rushing out the door before work? And then to pull together a quick evening meal at night? In which case, you'll want all your ingredients and crockery easy to access and easy to pack back away. Or is it a space you spend time enjoying cooking, and sharing food and socialising with friends and family? If so, you'll want a practical kitchen, possibly with accessories that will allow you to push your cooking further. 

How to arrange appliances 

In kitchen design, there is a theory called the 'kitchen triangle' which suggests that your fridge, stove and sink should form a rough triangle shape to allow for the most effective flow of activity throughout the kitchen. Bare this in mind as you start to discuss design features and whether or not installing the triangle design would actually become a nuisance for you.

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