The importance of choosing great kitchen colours

29 Jun

Here at BPM Kitchens, we believe that colour can play an enormous role in defining your kitchen’s aesthetic identity. The colour scheme you choose for your bespoke kitchen can dramatically affect its overall mood and atmosphere. That’s why it’s essential to make the right choice for you. We’d like to help you make a truly well-informed decision. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the most popular colour schemes available and examine how they can affect your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

1. Pure white kitchens and chrome kitchens

Many people enjoy kitchens that are dominated by pristine white surfaces and cream-hued to utilities. There’s a very good reason for this. Pure white kitchens look clean, minimalist and spacious. If you want a kitchen that appears bright, open and stylish, a white colour scheme may be the perfect choice for you. You can also achieve a similar effect with silver and chrome colour schemes, which can also give your kitchen a slightly futuristic sensibility. However, some people find that predominantly-white kitchens and chrome kitchens lack a sense of homeliness, as they can appear slightly cold and stark. If you feel that your kitchen should be a welcoming, social space, you might like to consider an alternative colour scheme.

2. Kitchens with warm and woody tones

Brown, woody tones and other naturalistic colours are ideal for creating rustic, welcoming kitchens. Browns, oranges, umbers, dark reds and even dark greens often appear warm and inviting when used in kitchens. They exude a sense of cosiness and intimacy and can therefore turn your kitchen into a truly friendly space. However, they don’t promote a sense of spaciousness. This is worth considering if you want your kitchen to appear large, open and stylish.

3. Black and dark grey kitchens

Blacks and dark greys create a sense of cool, ultra-modern sophistication. A colour scheme that utilises these dark hues is ideal if you want to create a kitchen that embodies sleek, contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. Of course, kitchens with dark colour schemes can seem a little impersonal to some people. However, what they lack in friendliness, they make up for in refinement.

Whatever colour scheme you prefer, we can create a kitchen that incorporates it. Contact us today for more information.