Achieving the minimalist look in your kitchen

09 Jun

Creating a minimalist kitchen design can prove tricky. As the busiest room in the home, it is prone to getting cluttered. Adopting a restricted design regime here can be an uphill struggle. Yet, minimalist design isn't just about banishing the clutter; it's a stylish contemporary kitchen design scheme in its own right.

Less is more

At the heart of minimalist kitchen design is the philosophy that less is more. This doesn't mean spending less in your kitchen or opting for inferior designs, but refers to boosting the design of this space by simplicity. By carefully choosing what design elements or accessories to include in your kitchen, and using restraint, you achieve maximum impact. 

Quality matters

Contemporary kitchens that opt for the minimalist approach achieve this objective by incorporating high-quality materials in this space. Keeping these materials, surfaces, fixtures or objects free from clutter allows them to stand out and be admired. Match kitchen surfaces to units or walls to create a smooth appearance that can enhance other features in the room.

Clean, clear and controlled

The three Cs - clean, clear and controlled - should be at the forefront of your mind if you want your kitchen to ooze the minimalist look and feel. Clean isn't just about keeping the space free of dirt; it's about incorporating clean lines into the room to create an eye-pleasing effect. Keeping surfaces clear and being controlled about what appliances you have on display are key elements of this design scheme.

Colour choices

Colour is vital when creating the minimalist kitchen. Classic kitchen design hues that establish this simplistic style are soft, calm, muted and neutral, like cream, light grey or white. That's not to say you can't introduce bolder colours into this scheme, just use them wisely to achieve a cohesive look that doesn't overwhelm the senses. Monochrome worktops, in particular, work well in this space.

Lighting matters

Aside from being functional, the lighting you choose can enhance minimalist kitchen design. Think pendant lights, spotlights and dimmers to add warmth, simplicity and style to this space.

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