Tips on how to create a vintage inspired kitchen

02 Jun

Summertime in the kitchen can stir up nostalgic cravings of our past. Whether you're pining for your childhood home kitchen or want to transform your kitchen into a period-style room, we've got the ultimate kitchen design tips for you. 

1. Try a screened pantry door

If you replace a solid pantry door with a screened version, you've immediately boosted your kitchen’s vintage style. It's also a bonus if you have a door leading outside from your kitchen, as adding a screen door for the summer months is always a welcome touch to let the sunlight in. 

2. Display with open storage

Try glass front cabinets or open shelving in your kitchen and use these to your advantage to showcase vintage flair. Artfully display any vintage kitchen items you already own for a touch of history, or if you don't own anything particularly vintage then head to a charity shop or thrift store and collect vintage housewares that catch your eye. They’re both cheap and surprisingly easy to find.

3. Include a beadboard

If you want a kitchen that channels cottage or vintage farmhouse style then a beaded board is a great way to instantly boost charm. You could use it as a backsplash or cover entire walls. To ignite some soul, try painting it classic buttercream or mint green.

4. Farmhouse sink

The farmhouse sink is a classic staple for a vintage inspired kitchen design. Try a porcelain apron-front farmhouse sink with a gooseneck faucet - beautifully vintage. 

5. Vintage linens

Vintage linens are easy to come by with a trip to a market or charity shop and it won't break the bank either. You can use them as a skirt for the sink to add vintage charm. If your kitchen is of a contemporary kitchen design, and you only want to add a hint of vintage style, then try adding a stack of colourful vintage tea towels.

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