Quirky ideas for your kitchen design

26 May

While there’s plenty to love about the classic contemporary kitchen, some people like to add unique touches to their kitchen design to catch the eye, impress guests or to simply convey their personality! If you're looking for some inspiration, then look no further. Here are our top suggestions to add some quirky elements to your kitchen design

1) Introduce a vintage feel

Vintage is a classic and timeless style, so don't miss the opportunity to showcase pre-loved furniture into the kitchen. 

A vintage piece will add a shot of unique character and style to your kitchen. Why not try a simple wall cupboard or to make a real statement, source large items such as an old display cabinet or a vintage chandelier. 

2) Switch up materials

Instead of a classic minimal look where every item matches in colour, why not work with different materials to inject a fresh and unique vibe to your kitchen. For example, mix antique furniture with contemporary cabinets, or Italian design with French design. This creates a unique blend of items and brings a unique flavour to the room, enhancing the space. 

3) Brighten the walls with colour

If you have particular items in your kitchen you want to stand out from the rest, then the perfect way of achieving this is to add a bright colour to the wall such as blue or green. Adding a vivid shade to the walls is a simple, effective method for adding a unique character to the room, if you are daring enough! 

4) Paint a patchwork

Instead of painting your kitchen cupboard doors with a coat of one colour, try painting the doors in different colours. This patchwork idea will create a quirky and unique storage setting. You could choose you and your partner's favourite colours to add some meaning to the choices.

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