How to design the perfect family-friendly kitchen

11 May

The right kitchen can really bring a family home together. Indeed, there are a number of specific things you can do to make sure your new kitchen is family-friendly. Here are some of our best tips on how to make your kitchen suitable for everyone.

Have a safe prep and cook area

There are few things more rewarding than cooking with your kids. It's a great bonding exercise, and it's lots of fun! However, if you're planning to do this, it's a good idea to include a special area in the kitchen where kids can do things like prepare their food or use the microwave away from the main cooking area. An island is often a great option, and having the microwave on the periphery of the design rather than front and centre is also a good idea.

Have difference surface heights

If you want your kids to get involved, they'll need to be able to reach! In any food prep zone, it's a good idea to have the surfaces at different heights. A breakfast bar could work for older children, and a bench-height surface would be ideal for the younger members of the family. (And, of course, can be used as an actual bench once the little ones aren't so little anymore!)

Appliance safety levels

It's no secret that some kitchen appliances can be dangerous if abused. Fortunately, nearly every appliance or tool has a 'safer' option. For example, induction hobs are ideal due to the lack of a flame. Boiling water taps are also a better option than a kettle as they're harder to use and impossible to knock over. It's also worth fitting certain cupboards with locks so you can use them to store cleaning fluids and any other hazardous liquids.

Go for fuss-free surfaces

The easier your surfaces are to clean, the better they'll be for families! For example, matt surfaces are ideal as greasy fingerprints are less likely to show up on them. Materials like quartz or Corian are both good examples: they're stain-resistant and very durable.

Get in touch

If you're at all unsure how to go about planning the perfect family kitchen, get in touch today: we'll be happy to help you.