Making the most of a small kitchen

09 May

Although you can do a lot to change your kitchen with clever design, there's one thing that remains fixed: how big the room is. If you have a kitchen that is on the small side, don't worry. We've got some tips to help you maximise your use of the space.

Use your wall space

With a small kitchen, every inch of available space needs to do a job. You can add hooks or magnets to your tiles and splashbacks, and use that space to store your utensils. This is where stainless steel panels can come in handy, working not only as a splashback but also to hold magnetic strips for knives, pan lids and metal utensils. They look great and they're easy to clean, too.

Add hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are wire baskets that slide into your cupboard and hang down below an existing shelf. Rather than pile things on the bottom and have clear space above, using a hanging shelf means you can add more storage to the same amount of cupboard space.

Use the depth in corners

Corner spaces can often feel like a waste of space with conventional cupboards, but by making use of them you lose none of the space. This can either be done with a carousel cupboard that slots into the corner but keeps objects accessible or by using specially designed drawers that go all the way back.

Add storage above

If your ceilings are high enough, you can add storage in on top of your cupboards. Make this the place you put those items that you don't use every day, but still need to keep in the kitchen. If you want to avoid the cluttered, dusty look of shelves you could always choose attractive storage boxes and put your belongings into those.

Store smart

The backs of cupboard doors are another space that can be used for storage which is often overlooked. Think about fitting a storage rack for saucepan lids, or a narrow upright basket for things like rolls of foil and cling film.

Although small kitchens have their challenges, with the right design ideas, you can pack a great deal into a small space. Contact BPM Kitchens today to find out more about making the most of your kitchen - or discover that it's time for a new one.