The benefits of a well-designed kitchen island

20 Apr

A lot of kitchen designs are guilty of missed opportunities when it comes to storage. Having a well-designed kitchen island is a great storage solution and it provides a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. We've put some reasons why you may wish to consider an island for your kitchen design.

Fantastic for kids

Whether the time has come for homework or you want to make the kids feel involved in dinner preparation, a kitchen island will enable you to ensure that they're part of the action. It's also a good place to seat kids if you're working on a meal and want to keep your eye on them. Alternatively, if you want to give them a sense of self-reliance, then a kitchen island can work for that too. Simply place the odd after school snack on the island or pop some milk and cereal on the island on a Saturday morning and you could help your kids feel independent. 

Extra seating

Having plenty of seating is a must for any contemporary kitchen and an island can provide it. A kitchen island can double up as an informal dining area, or if you regularly entertain in your kitchen then the island can act as additional seating. It also helps you to have access while cooking to your family or guests. No matter how big your kitchen is, additional seating is always a plus, so even if you can only accommodate an island that would seat two, it's still well worth serious consideration.

Adds storage

One of the biggest frustrations people have with their kitchens is a lack of storage. With an expertly designed island, however, your storage worries could be a thing of the past. Islands don't just have to provide an extra counter and seating, they can house everything from drawers and cabinets to pull out shelves. A kitchen island can even be used as a convenient location for your recycling bins. Don't forget that the whole point of an island is that it doesn't interfere with the rest of your space, making them highly accessible and a great place to store everyday items like pots and pans.

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