How to create an Italian-inspired kitchen

10 Apr


Italy's Tuscany region is renowned for its beauty, food and wine, but it's also known for its distinctive architecture. Italian design mixes nature, unique textures and sunny hues. If you are wanting to remodel your kitchen and you want a warm and welcoming feel, then an Italian kitchen may just be the perfect style for your home. 

Traditional Italian kitchens always have a rustic feel to them. They're both warm and cosy but often include elements of the outdoors, such as stone and terracotta. Follow these tips to design your very own Italian kitchen.


Italian design traditionally uses warm colours to create a sense of sunset over the Tuscan countryside. Try warm yellows, golds, and oranges on the wall to gather this sunset atmosphere. To add a splash of contrast, incorporate a glass tile design with bright green and blues to represent the stunning Mediterranean sea. 


The kitchen is the soul of the home with a constant flow of people throughout the day. When you think of Italian, you think of extended families eating delicious, healthy food around a large table. Try adding a wooden harvest table to recreate this Italian-style theme. To create a relaxed look, use a few rustic benches with two large chairs at both ends of the table. 


Rustic Italian kitchens try to embrace elements of the outdoors, so use a natural-looking material for the floors such as stone, Terracotta, natural-coloured tiles or even a hardwood floor that looks like it's undergone wear and tear. These materials can create that rustic feel within an Italian kitchen. 


You need your lighting to be as vintage as possible. Opt for old-world lightings such as chandeliers which ooze charm and charisma. 


The accessories are the key to creating a traditional-style Italian kitchen.

1. Fill clay pots with fresh herbs and leave them on the windowsill. Not only do they smell and look great, they can also be used in cooking!

2. Head to an antique store and buy pictures or coloured dishes that ooze a rustic feel. 

3. Leave your cookbooks on display as they create that homely feel and a source of inspiration.

4. Display fruits and vegetables in large rustic bowls. 

If you're interested in creating a more Italian style in your kitchen, BPM Kitchens offer a range of services, including professional design, to create the ideal look you want for your home. Contact us today to plan your remodel or upgrade!