Great Tips for a Timeless Kitchen

21 Mar

Having a kitchen refurbishment is a huge commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many interior design magazines talk about current trends but the reality is you want a kitchen that is going to stand the test of time. Achieving a timeless look in your home doesn’t need to be a challenge – here are some enduring kitchen design ideas that won’t be out of fashion in a few years time. 

Neutral colours are always in

Patterned wallpaper, pastels, avocado – these have all been trendy in the past. A couple years down the line and these choices have become stale, meaning homeowners have forked out thousands to replace their kitchens to keep up with the latest fashion concepts. When it comes to colours, you should always turn toward neutral colours such as greys and whites – they have an everlasting quality that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Simple design is everything

The reality is that if you go for an evocative kitchen design, you will get bored eventually. This means all the money you spent renovating your kitchen will be thrown out. Instead, use a basic, modern design that you can add to – give your kitchen character not through the actual fittings, but through decorative items such as vases, curtains and so forth. That way, when you decide your kitchen needs refreshing, you’re replacing items instead of furnishings. 

Still not sure if you have the know-how to make your kitchen timeless? That’s alright – our team at BPM Kitchens offer free, no-obligation advice that will help you make the decision that suits you. We have provided homeowners throughout Battersea and London with our expertise for several years now, so please speak to our team today to see if we can help you too.